RESERVE - Columbia Micro Lot - 10oz

RESERVE - Columbia Micro Lot - 10oz


This award-winning microlot comes from Finca El Placer, under the ownership of Rafael Alberto Valenzuela.  Mr. Valenzuela's Tolima farm has a long history of accolades, placing several times in Colombia’s Cup of Excellence over the years. This is Colombian coffee royalty, and that's reflected in the cup.

  • Region: Tolima

  • Sub Region: El Recre Bajo, Cajamarca

  • Farm: Finca El Placer

  • Farm Size: 21.8 Hectares

  • Altitude: 1,888 masl

  • Varietals: Tabi 50%, Castillo, 40%, Caturra 10%

  • Total Yearly Production: 5000 kg

  • Processing: Washed

  • Fermentation: 18-24 hours without water

  • Drying: Sun-dried for 50 days,mechanical for 3 hours

Cupping Notes: What stands out here is Finca El Placer's incredible depth and sweetness, and velvety body.  The nose is rich with florals, chocolate, dried fruit and caramel.  Those notes carry through to the palate, along with vanilla, honey, toffee and butterscotch.  A long, lingering and sweet finish completes the experience. 


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