Organic Peru - 24oz

Organic Peru - 24oz



Cajamarca, Peru - Finca Churupampa

Finca Churupampa is located in the Chirinos, San Ignacio region of Northern Peru. It was founded in 2011 now has 162 members. Coffee is sourced from farms in Chirinos, Coipa and Tabaconas. Churupampa is one of the most progressive producers in Peru when it comes to areas such as product quality and environmental protection. Brush up on your Spanish and check out this wonderful clip: Finca Churupampa   

This organic, fairly-traded coffee, is grown at altitudes of 1500-1700m, and brought through a fully washed, sun dried process. Fresh and bright notes up front, hinting at some floral flavors. Great balance, dark chocolate, clean, creamy body, deliciously sweet. We roast this coffee specifically to bring out the dark chocolate notes, that really come to their full potential as the cups cools.



Online orders will be processed at the beginning of each week and shipped at the end of each week. Any orders received later in the week, will be processed and shipped the following week, as scheduled. 


*As this is a certified organic coffee, we are not yet a certified organic facility. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. 


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