Organic Peru - 24oz

Organic Peru - 24oz


Floral • Hazelnut • Cocoa

Chanchamayo, Peru

This coffee is milled at the Shyara Mountain Station, a collaboration of small farms, whose coffee is shade grown at high altitudes, starting at 1300m. Forward floral notes, followed by round nutty overtones. Great balance, and delicately sweet. Great coffee for the everyday, or the afternoon treat.

 24oz - select if you’d like it whole bean or ground for your brewing style


Online orders will be processed at the beginning of each week and shipped at the end of each week. Any orders received later in the week, will be processed and shipped the following week, as scheduled. 


*As this is a certified organic coffee, we are not yet a certified organic facility. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. 


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