Organic Nicaragua Madriz - 24 oz

Organic Nicaragua Madriz - 24 oz


Hazelnut • Bright Fruit • Molasses

This sweetly rich coffee comes from the UCA San Juan co-operative union, spanning five communities in the districts of San Juan del Rio Coco and Telpaneca. Being known for their organic coffees and ethical practices, this union is made up of local farmers, and over 25% of those are women.

Rich nutty aromas are met with subtle floral notes on the nose. In the cup, the butteriness of hazelnut comes through to bright fruit flavors. Light floral flavors bring you to a malty molasses sweetness, more fruit notes come alive as the cup cools. Syrupy body, a sweet and decadent cup.

24oz Whole Bean. This coffee arrives in our eco-friendly packaging. After you recycle the valve, the bag and label are compostable. Recycle the valve, compost the bag, enjoy the planet. Save your wild.  



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*As this is a certified organic coffee, we are not yet a certified organic facility. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. 

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