Bondowoso East Java - 24oz

Bondowoso East Java - 24oz



We are excited to bring this small lot coffee to our table. Java has a long history of producing some of the best coffees, being one of the earliest regions to bring coffee to the world. The varieties of Typica and S795 grown together, at an altitude of 1200m -1300m, washed and then patio dried. Sweet on the nose, aromas of molasses are join by subtle earth notes. Sweetness continues, bringing flavors of maple syrup, chocolate, sugar and spice to the palate. Subtle notes of walnut are joined by a crisp note of cedar. Syrupy body, and a sweet finish. Great cup of coffee. We recommend pour over, especially a chemex. Use a stainless steel filter to get an even deeper level of flavors.

24oz Whole Bean. This coffee arrives in our eco-friendly packaging. After you recycle the valve, the bag and label are compostable. Recycle the valve, compost the bag, enjoy the planet. Save your wild.  



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