AbouT wilder




Located in northern Idaho, we are a humble, artisan coffee roasting company with enthusiasm for diligent craftsmanship. We desire to bring the best out of the things around us, including people, places, and passions. Coffee is very much one of those things. Our coffee is artfully roasted in small batches, in a world-class roaster. We desire to craft each batch, so it entices our tastes, and inspires our palates. 



We are small, but know that we can play our part in this world. Someone once said, “Do unto others, as you would have done unto yourself.” Sustainably grown and ethically traded coffees follow that path. We desire to bring you great coffee, free of chemicals and GMO. We desire to see farmers paid fairly, regardless of gender or status. We desire to be known for our integrity and sincerity, from seed to cup.



Meet Spencer Lambas; owner and lead roaster of Wilder Coffee. Family owned and operated, Wilder is a vision brought to life through hard work, creativity and committed education. With a barista background, Spencer brings many years and experiences from the coffee industry to his roasting. Learning from those who have inspired him throughout the years, he hopes to inspire those around him to bring the enjoyment of their coffee to new levels. He roasts close to home where he can be present with his wife and twin sons; one of which, has inspired the name of Wilder Coffee Roasters. We feel sincerely blessed by those who choose to trust us with such a fundamental ritual of the every day. Cheers!